May 2014

We have recently discovered Bob's letters that he wrote home to his beloved wife Madeline ("Dimples")
whilst he was serving in WWII.

They are incredible pieces of history, told 'from the inside' by Bob, a serving soldier in the Royal Army Service Corps
(Eight Corps) who went over to France on D-day + 7 (Tuesday 13th June 1944) and moved
through France to Belgium, the Netherlands and down into Germany.

The writing talent of his future career shines out from the pages hurriedly scribbled in pencil in the spare moments
and evenings, at the end of long days, giving Madeline some inkling of their every-day life,
along with his opinions on how the war was proceeding.

There is also the occasional light touch when the platoon had been to see ENSA shows, where he passes his opinion on the 
(mostly) talented performers of the day who wanted to 'do their bit' for the war effort by entertaining the troops.

Finding these letters have been a huge filip for the family, as, like so many who fought in the war, 
Bob rarely spoke of the atrocities he witnessed and when he passed away
we thought all of his experiences lost to us and to history.

Our intention is to transcribe his letters and share them and we will gradually add them to this page.

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