Link to Bob's IMDb page with cast details of his shows over the years:

        Rentaghost - where are they now? (2014). Need to copy and paste this one:  
        Rentaghost on Wikipedia (another one to copy and paste). This has full cast lists also:
         The Rentaghost opening titles and catchy and infamous theme tune (copy and paste):

         The BBC Rentaghost webpage:   

        An article from 2014 in the Birmingham Post to mark the 30th anniversary of the end of Rentaghost (some of it was filmed in Birmingham):

        A rather unusual, slightly bizarre and modern lookback at Rentaghost in a blog from 2016 (copy and paste):

       An article on Life With The Lyons which was a radio show that Bob co-wrote and which really kick-started his professional career:

       BBC Radio 4 Extra blog from 2011 with regard to Bob and Life With The Lyons, which has been repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra several times:

       Bob's entry in the Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction - Bob was fascinated by SciFi and most of his creations had a science fiction theme:  










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